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Another Snow Ride


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went out on my bike in the snow today.was very challenging as my rim kept geting iced over and things were very slippy...

Made a lil vid, nothing massive, just a bit tech i suppose..anyway i'd like to share it , so heres the link

snow clips

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Niiiiiice one boss, wish id got to ride more with you last week :( Wish we'd stayed longer loads more places i wanted to ride. Why no music though?

Should have, you were too busy playing Halo!

No music because i couldnt be assed to look and find a track thatd go well..and just seemed good the way it was :)

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Veeery nice, you've got an awesome style!

And your brake seems to work well :o

yerr man, that was fun too watch.......your king has got loadzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz louder from when we were in bristol :shifty:

liked the switch footed sidehop, made me wanna try switch foot ridin again :rolleyes:

c you maxxy


f**king awsome.

big shit going on even in snow.

get on.

nice line at the end to:)



Thanks :)

hi was a mint vid i like your style loads off conffidence but y no helmet ow well .


It was a bit silly not wearing a helmet... should wear it more often than i do really and glad was wearing it the other day when i fell off and just tapped my head against the floor.Shows how easy it is to hit it...

Thanks for all of the positive feedback :)

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