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How To Build Rear Wheel?


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basically i will be recieving the parts on tues which are : onza rear 26", hope mono 2 and spokes 'n' nipples!!

but the problem starts when i have no idea whats so ever how to build it!!! i would appreciate if someone can link me to a past thread as iv searched and cant find anything or if someone can pass down some advice :P


ryan (Y)

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For anyone atempting to build a wheel , i recomend this book!

Just read it back to front, and do what he says and u end up with a very good wheel that "stands".



Hes the guy that DT swiss recommend.

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How To Build A Wheel?

Slowly and carefully :D

Seriously, slowly and carefully. Lacing mistakes are a pain in the ass when you realise you gotta go back and redo all the leading spokes on one side or whatever (believe me, been there done that).

I've done my rear one twice as per Sheldon Brown's site.

That just sounds perverse in some twisted way...

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