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Chav's How Can I Explain What A Chav Is And Dose?


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Right basicly i have made a friend from china who is moving to england soon and i was trying to describe the term chav to him and its harder than i though i said chav's are who me and my riding friends will take the mick out of and laugh at and that they are the kind of people that brake windows with friends for fun but i don't really no other ways of describing it to him can you people help me out with ways of describing chavs or what you think of them im just trying to help him understand instead of him thinking all me and my mates are harsh for randomly abusing people with a certain look haha.

Cheers Jack (Y)

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Chavs come up to you and your mate on your mates girlfriends doorstep, when theres 5 of them and do stuff like this..

Split Lip..


3 Knocked back teeth all chipped, and wobbly..


No warning at all.. just jumped us.. pathetic really.. I Hope Karma Comes Back To Them

Death To Chavs!

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Didnt phone police, as they wouldnt get sent down, just a repromand, and as i live in a fairly small place (not a city) they could easily come back for more.. And the small issue is that the person who got me was the one of 5 'parkhouse' brothers and family.. the hardest/least scared family in the area.. therefore no one will touch them..

When my bike got pinched by a Chav Family we got a photo of the bike in theyre back garden, and the police wouldnt go in 'cos they said its better to pay insurance then have an officer leve with a knife in the belly

W.T.F :blink:

Ooh Well, Lips Had A Stich, And Mite Need A Replacement Tooth, Just watching out incase this one goes grey :( I Hope not :

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