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My First Video...

D a n n y. . .

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Oright this is my first video, I have been riding for about 1year and 2-3months (don't no if that matters?) I'm hoping to make more vids in the near future :P >>>>HERE

Comments on the Riding and Editing (editing and filming done by Danny Cartledge)

Cheers Ezza!

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mint ezza mate!!! we should get a vid out of all haworth riders in leeds or sheff or summat

Err?? what? Seriously, what the hell does that mean?

Sorry dude, just realised its your name/nickname. haha, excuse my stupidity.

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the throwing of the bike, don't do it. I can realate, when i used to ride bmx (i say bmx, it was a £50 barracuda that i could only bunyhop and go up and down a ramp on) i literally used to pick mine up and throw it at stuff. Its really bad, i'd never throw a bike again, especially a trials bike, it'd probably snap in two.

Make a long a vid with less temper/ bike throwage. :P

EDIT: When i threw my bike i was like 11, i've grown up since then :)

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