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Dvd Burning/authoring

Brian Bleech

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I am gonna be buying a DVD burner in a couple of months or so, as my cd writer is dead and I may as well upgrade while I am at it.

I am mainly gonna be using it for (as well as backup) burning bmx vids/tv(24)/films so I can watch them on the tv downstairs, so whats the best program for this? Nero?

I also want to burn all the riding vids I have done onto a dvd, already started exporting more recent as m2v and wav files. For this I want something a bit fancier with the ability to have a picture in the background and menu's and a decent font. What are good programs?

Also will there be a problem in burning the newer m2v/wav files and the older mpg on the same dvd?

just any info would be useful :)

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Have a look at this.

I have DVD-lab pro 1 and 2.

Anything you have seen on a professionel dvd can be done using thease programs.

And, if you use the tutorials on the same webpage it realy isnt hard to get going fast.


Its considered to be one of the best authoring programs available, amoungst the video geeks.


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I downloaded dvdfab of the internet, get a free trial but its not too expensive to buy. Sure you can unlock it some other way :shifty: . It lets you create menus, chapters etc. Seems to convert the files quicker than nero aswell. Just search on google for it.

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