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i have acess to as many pallets as i wont, i need to give them a number of how many i would like . I was planning to make a short course so how many do you think i need, and does any one have any ideas or suggestions of how i should lay them out ?

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I've got about 10 pallets, I just stack them and move them about, well my mates do, I don't have a bike so when they come round I just try to get goes on their bikes!

Oh yeh, and a 4foot high, when its flat on one of its round sides, and 5.5 foot across. So it fits two people on mods on top.

And a 2foot high reel, which is only just over 1015mm across (the wheelbase of my T-Pro).

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As many as you can fit into your space really, 20 pallets goes remarkably quickly. Just use lots of differnt levels, angles and put things that you know u can do easily just as a challenge to get to a more difficult bit. Also include bits that you can't do at the moment so you have something to work towards, pallets are great fun, just be imaginative. You can also trap a pallet stood on it's side between two stacks of 3 to use as a "rail" :D

Joel ;)

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