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Unless you say in what way you are unhappy with them no one can help.

Is it the lack of grip of X tyre or is it the pinch protection of tyre Y?

You might find that one tyre grips better with worse pinch protection whilst another has better protection but less grip, and you will just have to adjust to compensate whichever it is.

If you have not tried try-all tyres they may be worth a go, pretty grippy and good protection, this is on stock not sure on mod.

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Well out of all the tyres i have had the Maxxis creepy crawlers win every time but i must admit they do wear a little quick,

so if it's the wear rate you wern't happy with how about trying the echo trials tyre,

i have got one at the moment on the rear and the wear rate is alot better with little compremise of grip but the side walls are a little stiff for me so im going back to the crawlers. :D

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cheers guys, i've currently got try-all tyres and they wear too quick, its a big problem and i'm not doing skids!

Yea you tit! you do realise that they say SOFT COMPOUND on the side! there made for natural and compage use not a day to day street tire! my try alls are bald.... but i know why! becuase there soft! try something harder if you want em to last longer

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