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How Tall?


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if you have read my other topic you will know im pretty tall (what should i get) , i know that danny comas and benito ros are both over 6 foot and ride mod, just wondering if we have any taller than average mod riders on here?

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If you prefer mod just buy a mod, theres no point in asking, because in the end if you get a mod you'll love it or in the end if you get a stock you'll think "i sure as hell wish i'd of got a mod". Just buy what you feel most comfortable on.

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Well i'm 6'6'' and i was out tapping huge walls the in London on an old, short Monty.

I usually ride a long KOT MS2 but have been playing on this beast till i fix the normal ride.

I wouldn't swap to 20'' but would happily play on one.


I couldn't say it any better myself, their fun to mess around on... but not for any longer. I'm 6'5" and look silly on them too :D

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As for looking silly on a mod, it really depends on how long you have been riding them and how tall you are.

I have a friend who 6ftish, he rides a Monty, he's only ever riden mod when it comes to trials, he looks better on a mod than a stock, easily.

But then I have another friend is a bit taller than him, who rides stock, and he looks huge for a mod, but rides them just as good, if not better.

Perhaps if you feel/look too big on a mod, you can always get a long mod bike?

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