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Ok , So I Was Thinking About A Revolutionry Rear Shock!

Mod Man Leo

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ok so

i was thinking if there is a rear shock for a freeride/all mtn bike that there is like a pedometer or a shake - sensor and it records the movement on the bike

these days you can get adjustiblie shocks like on your bar.

so if the electronic sensor is recording more than a certne amound of shakes then it opens up the valve and losens the shock.

but if it is not recordning many or big shakes it closes up and the shock goes stiff , like for uphills and road sections???

© Leo copy writes this "MOTHER-BITCH" idea!!! :P

yeah i know its a far-fetched crazy idea but, i thought id share it with you!!

back to the drawing board!


o yeah, coments welcomed? what do u think?

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Hi that is a good idea but could easily go wrong because it would probably go wrong more than it would actually work also it would cost a fair bit.

it would be very hard to set up like noing how hard the shocks should be for what type of vibration the sensor picks up and every person has different preference to others so that would be hard to work as well.


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Specialised make one called the Brain, been around on their bikes for probably 4 years now and does exactly what you say. And I doubt they were the first to use motion sensitive shocks. This isn't a new idea, unless I haven't understood your rather hard to understand post properly...

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yep, specialised have been there done that! They use a shock with an oil filled tube with a weight on a spring, when the bike hits a bump, the weight is forced down and it exposes a valve that allows the suspension to be active. on the flat the weight remains in the same place and blocks the valve locking the shock out. The "brain" needs to be as vertical as possible for it to work (hence some funny looking shocks on the epics. Is only upwards mostions that open the valve too, so pushing on the saddle or pedaling forces doesnt effect it making the bike pretty efficient.

its a smart idea though, simple but clever.

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That kind of system (not electronic) has been around for ages under the name of SPV. Essentially it does just what you described, had a fork with that platform and it really worked. SPV is also fitted into rear shocks. Another system was fitted into Progressive 5th element shocks, I think it had 8 different adjusters with which you could control exactly how it behaved among others on fairly smooth and harsh terrain.

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merida came up with the lrs suspension (low ratio system I think) which uses a longer stroke with less pressure, the shock is in the same place as the specialised but merida didnt come up with the brain idea, I am pretty sure that was a calibration between specialized and fox.

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