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Taking The Piss


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I had my bike stolen a couple of weeks back now, a DMR Sidekick and everything was just right, just how i liked it. A perfect bike for me to get back into trials on. The Police said they'd have someone look into it and sure enough, PC Plod turns up at my house and takes a statement. A few days pass and nothing, then a call from Scenes of Crime people saying they want to come and look for evidence as it was stolen from inside the house and its classed as a burglary now. Funnily enough, something came up, meaning that they couldn't come. f**kERS. After 2 weeks without my bike and a burning desire to go for a ride, I get a call from the insurance saying that the bike is covered but only up to £500. I no I should be grateful but I have to get it from a particular shop. Great. Have a look for yourself, what the f**k can I get from here???? www.wheelies.co.uk

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Well i think that site looks pretty useless personally!, unless they can order you in something i don't no what you should do lol, but i wouldn't advise getting a Saracen to start trials on!, to me they just don't seem like a good introduction to trials.

but hey thats just one guys opinion, happy buying :turned:


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We have seen this a few times - usually the customer explains to the insurance company that Wheelies are unable to offer a bike comparable in spec to that stolen. From there, a full spec of a replacement bike can be drawn up by a trials store (basically a quote to replace what was stolen). After that, your insurance company will go about trying to find these parts from their usual suppliers, however they always fail due to trials products being so specific - this usually results in you being sent a cheque :) If you want any more help then just give me a shout (Y)



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They have a T-rex in their Uplands branch in Swansea (I used to work there). Give them a ring and ask them if they'll do it for £500 - they can be nice on occasion (the insurance replacement department). Or order a new sidekick frame and a few parts - they do deal with DMR.

Also, hastle the police.

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