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Need A Stock Frame

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Base TA 26 £120 from Tarty

Onza T-rex £200 from Tarty

I think they are sellin Echo pures for £200 quid now aswell at Tarty

If that is true, (can't be bothered to look) then i would definately get the echo pure, don't even thik about getting a Base :lol:

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If you dont mind adding an extra £20 to your budget i would definatly get the echo pure


- Updated for 2007, Echo's Pure frame is based heavily around the popular 2004 Control frame.

- Full 6061-T6 aluminium construction keeps the cost right down while still maintaining good strength.

- Silk brushed finish looks classy and helps resist scuffs and scratches.

- CNC Machined dropouts and chainstay plates help stiffen the frame and provide large weld areas for the tubes.

- Top and down tube gussets at the head tube direct stress away from the ends of the tubes, improving frame life.

- Comes complete with CNC machined low-profile dedicated 4-Bolt HS33 mounts spaced at 99mm, allowing the frame to accept even the widest of trials rims.

- Low standover height allows for maximum body movement.

- Takes standard 1 1/8" headset, 105mm long head tube and 68mm BB shell.

- Weight: 1.918kg/4.23lbs.

Geometry (When measured with Echo Urban fork, available separately)

Wheelbase: 1075mm

Chainstay Length: 385mm

BB Rise: 20mm

Head Angle: 72 degrees

Centre of BB shell to top centre of head tube: 660mm (26")

from tarty bikes

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or if you really wanted to buy a 06 control for 220 on select bikes really nice frame they ride really well

or t rex great bike and greta price

hopwe this helps

or get urban legends control for 200 with a really nice paint job

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