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  1. Thinking of going over tomorrow if anyones about
  2. Might head over tomorrow if the weather agrees!
  3. A few of us are heading to Wellington rocks tomorrow if anyone else is up for it
  4. Im always up for a ride!
  5. Dymchurch has some cool rocks, a bit too sketchy to ride them on your own though.... massive gaps + the sea lol Folkestone has some good street. A few little bits at st marys bay and camber
  6. There's Wellington rocks and toad rocks which are both good. Been riding them for 10 years, never been moaned at at toad rocks, nice locals there and had 2 people have a little rant at Wellington but thats it!
  7. Im in Lydd. Happy to ride anywhere really. I ride Tunbridge Wells a fair bit
  8. How long have you been in dymchurch!? Get a bike and ride!
  9. Im over in lydd, not far from hastings so give me a shout!
  10. Im not too far from hastings! Im over at lydd. Be great to have some people to ride with!
  11. Have a chat to lukas at May not list them on the site but i know he's got some, the last ones in czech direct from magura.
  12. F1

    I like the way they are saying its to help him "get his confidence back". Yeah because theres nothing like getting demoted and basically told you're on your last chance to boost you're confidence! Especially when you've just got a podium!
  13. F1

    I think Red Bull were just looking for an excuse to put Max Into the Red Bull team as they dont want to loose him To Ferrari when his contracts up. Putting him up early and showing faith in him may just get him to re sign after 2017. They cant get rid of Kyvet as they are running out of drivers! They used to have loads of drivers in the Red Bull Academy but they had a big clear out last year and also had drivers leave so the ladder to f1 is a bit bare now, the drivers that they have got are nowhere near ready for a F1 driver yet. Still all a bit weird!
  14. Good work Ali, really liked those Well done for giving it a go too, first try must have been a bit scary but you seem confident and come across great in them. I've wanted to do something like this for a few years now, more comp/roadtrip and Demo's based, but never had the confidence to do it and keep making exuses to not do one! I made 1 a few years ago, but ended up editing it too much so it was more like a long riding vid and I also done it at the last comp of the year, so had nothing to follow it up wth for about 5 months haha. Looking forward to more! (Are you going to Dressler camp this year?)