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  1. Leonardo Mazzella rides it and does a lot of trialsy moves really well with it, seems like a fun bike to ride
  2. Brake pads then right? Any ways on how to reduce this? I've tried painters tape on the piston and it kiiiinda works for me
  3. You've got super creative riding, watching your vids has made my lines better
  4. This might be what you'd want if you're okay with spending a few bucks. By the sounds of it I think you'd have fun toying with it. If I'm understanding your scenario correctly, you need to factor in the star which allows the satellite to be visible. In my head (given roughly the same orbital planes), I believe, you would need the moon to be geo synchronised with the planet, and the planet to be almost tidally locked to the star (with a rotation period of 1 year, which would make the planet uninhabitable). I don't think mass and distance really matters in this situation specifically though, but I don't have a degree in this.
  5. +1 for the Sport in the front and MT5 in the back. Sport has great modulation for endos/g-turns etc. and has plenty of power for up to fronts. No issues with MT5 in the back for drop gaps or anything. Pad clearance isn't great but it does the job
  6. I haven't met anyone that rides trials, there was a bit of a group on observedtrails near me but are all inactive now.