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  1. Did you see my other posts?

  2. hey mate i can't leave a comment on the post but i see you are form the UK and i am in australia so if i wanted that bike i would need to fly it over here and this website does it quite cheaply and easy.

    1. Patrik99
    2. Patrik99


      i will also pay for postage too i just need your co-operation which would be great can't find any inspired's in australia. Also could you send or put up some more photos that would be great.

      Thanks, Patrik

    3. Patrik99


      i don't know if you can see this but if so could you please respond maybe we should chat on facebook or skype something faster than this?

  3. You need a TIG for aluminium
  4. Definatly sl mate had mine for about 6 months and it's never skipped once!
  5. You'll have to let me know the brake mount sizes and the design you want putting in it! Looks good so far just remember ur chain clearance this time.
  6. Is anyone riding Leicester or surrounding area on Sunday?
  7. I'll be there.
  8. I'll be there bout 11ish!
  9. I'll pop down for abit.
  10. I'll be there.
  11. I'LL Still go, someone text me if they are going my number is 07545868897! Cheers Adam!
  12. Is anybody still riding today despite the weather?
  13. I'm always up for a ride round Leicester as long as the weather is good count me in!
  14. Is anyone coming today cuz I'm here on me Todd!
  15. I should hopefully be there i'll see if jono wants to come!