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  1. hey there, here is a small trailer for my new long video called 2012. This is a bonus-video for my last DVD "the white album". I´ve uploaded both videos to vimeo. You can get them for 4€. Easiest will be paypal, sent the money to MisterLimelight@web.de you will get the passwords and links to your e-Mail Adress very quick ( maximum 24hours). https://vimeo.com/52797651
  2. many thanks for all the funds! 30 people have spent. That´s >1% of all viewers. Good for me that most of you payed ~4€. That´s more money I´ve expected but from less people ... anyway, it´s a good extra money for the worlds. I will go this evening! Thanks again, Björn here are the final vids: https://vimeo.com/46936985 https://vimeo.com/46837900
  3. Well, you will probably hate me now but the final videos will be private now. Let me explain it: I´ve done ~200 biketrial videos and 5 DVD´s over the last 7 years. Of course all the equipment cost a lot of money and all the editing is a lot of work. You could pay me something back by buying my DVD´s. But selling DVD´s is getting harder every year cause everyone just want to watch trials in the internet. And a lot of people would pay for a video if it´s great.So this is the first try to get some money from the viewers. Of course I don´t want to live from your donation. But I want to go to the worlds and koxxdays per example - to do more videos like these. That´s expensive. I hope you understand. Here are the rules: You sent a 1€ donation (or more) via paypal to my account: MisterLimelight@web.de After I get enough money I will delete the password for the 20"final + the 26"final and everyone can watch it. If only a handful people spent 1€ I will give the password directly to them.
  4. any link to the full results?
  5. I haven´t taped dominik in the comp but I have some after comp ride. He did 5 points total on 2 days! Sebastian Krell (in the video) did 33 points total and the third got 78. I´ve upped the qualification video of the juniors: http://vimeo.com/42878504
  6. Many thanks, I always try to show every corner of trial. I mix 20" and 26" (24"), natural and city, man and woman. This time it´s a lot natural and comp. I have a lot of copies from the Little Limelight-Series and I prefer when everyone get a Little Limelight DVD and this new one. It won´t be any cheaper when I sell the new one seperately. I hope you understand. The prices for the english market will be: Little Limelight 3 + the white album + shipping = total 13,70 GBP Little Limelight goes out + the white album + shipping = total 9,50 GBP Little Limelight goes out + Little Limelight 3 + the white album + shipping = total 17,50 GBP Payment via PayPal is possible: MisterLimelight@web.de please make sure that your shipping adress on paypal is correct. Bank transfer is possible too. For any questions, suggestions etc please eMail MisterLimelight@web.de
  7. those pictures are from the worldcup final. those sections weren´t to easy. the vid is from the qualifying. They had some easier sections and some hard. I think it was a good mixture. The not-so-good riders can make 1 or 2 sections and the pro´s have to be concentrated.
  8. maybe a new favorit part will be on this:
  9. here is the last one:
  10. well ... a competition is often TGS?! This is not the comp video. I´ve to split my vid´s cause the upload limit. Vid 1: Intro 3:30 and Warm-up 8:15 Vid 2: Competition Elite and Superelite Saturday ~ 15 Minutes Vid 3: Competition Elite and Superelite Sunday ~ 15 Minutes. When you do a warm-up for a comp you don´t do impressive tricky lines with no correction hops ;-) no, you´ve to wait til sunday when I got 500mb more space on vimeo. It´s just a simple edit and not the official koxxdays-video.
  11. uhm, maybe he rides biu? I don´t know him. But I like your filming / editing! Hope you go to some italian comp and do an ace video! regards, björn
  12. the orignal sound is on higher volume. I like to hear brakes, tires, rider,... and of course freewheels the whole sound of riding let me go more into it.The freewheel wasn´t quite at all. But not that loud than you think. Same for abel´s part.
  13. not true: he is getting the bike at easter last year by his girlfriend (!). Last thing I´ve heard is that the frame is broken.
  14. thanks. I´m the guy ... to see more very good videos in the best quality check out my little limelight dvd´s. Buy it here http://www.trialmarkt.de/index.php/cat/c111_Media.html/XTCsid/3cc0an71tkmvgu4edo85i2mili1u4e52 or send a pm. it´s filmed in dezember 2007 and summer 2008. These scenes are only leftovers from his 10-minute-part on Little Limelight 2. he isn´t into training but still have the skills. He didn´t compete international this year but when he does he always was on / close to the top3. He is the german champion 2010 before matthias mrohs and felix heller. Felsenmeer is close to frankfurt. When you have a stop there it make sense to go to schatthausen too. It´s only 70km away and one of the best areas in germany. It´s the home the Mrohs-brothers, Sebastian Hoffmann, Raphael Pils, ... or have a group ride in mainz - or go to melsungen ... just give a call when you go, sure I can help. a greeting, Björn
  15. yo la tengo - little eyes