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  1. Aluminium?
  2. What the hell was he doing?
  3. Hit up Matt Croft he lives down that way and is doing a bit more riding these days.
  4. Get yourself over to New Brighton on the Wirral there’s shit loads of street down on the sea front and there’s loads of good natural on the rocks down on the beach.
  5. That’s mint!
  6. Wow! Haven’t seen one of those in a looooong time
  7. Spent years riding stoned, I’m still alive!
  8. Cheers Ross I might do bud, struggling a little to find certain parts.
  9. Trying to go period correct! Ha ha
  10. Possibly have it built before I retire
  11. Tell me about it!
  12. Mega bump time! After almost 3 years the 24UK build is back on with a new and unused Hope Pro 2 hub.
  13. Yeah that’s a relief, wanted to chuck some Ti bolts on it so it’s nice to know I don’t need to change the axle.
  14. Cheers Mark, yeah mine is the same as the green hub with the button head bolts.
  15. Quick question, I’ve just purchased an older Hope Pro 2 Trials hub that has the 8mm fun bolts can I change the axle to the newer Pro2 axle that uses the 10mm bolts?