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  1. Done that with some 05’s they come up really nice with little bit of elbow grease
  2. After purchasing this frame in 2014 and going through 4 different colour changes and getting it powder coated and having the BB threads ruined in the process and having thrown it in the cupboard under the stairs for nearly 2 years I decided to give it one last try to build it up! It’s a bit of a mongrel build but she’s rideable! frame, heatsink 24UK mk2 fork, Gusset jury front wheel, hope pro 2 on DMR dv rear wheel, onza zoot tyres, maxxis holy roller crank, Shimano deore pedals, dmr V12 headset, fsa orbit equipe stem, Trialtech 80x40 bars, da bomb tactic grips, renthal soft compound levers, avid fr5 front brake, avid bb5 rear brake, Shimano deore seat post, onza rigormortis seat, Union Jack chain, kmc 610 freewheel, Trialtech 72 click
  3. Does anybody know if rockman still make the carbon forks for 24” wheels? Or if anybody else makes them?
  4. Never really been a huge fan of mods but I do like these
  5. If you don’t want to pay 50 quid a go for the conti’s get the holyrollers, my personal favourite anyway never had any issues with them when I’ve used them.
  6. Yeah that’s him, V brakes are £57.25 each Levers are £57.25 each 4 bolt adapters are £17.18 a set Boosters are £22.90 each Pads are £27.48 a set
  7. Hit up Kevin Liu on FB he’s got some gorgeous carbon V boosters
  8. Looks like someone melted a St Blaise
  9. Frames like the GT rukus, GT chucker, Identiti Dr Jekyll or smaller alloy 4X frames as they’re stiff and fairly light.
  10. Hi folks I’m in need of a little advice, I’m having to run a external bottom bracket as a certain powder coaters f**ked my frame up. What would people’s choice be Shimano hollowtech cranks with a regular 4 bolt chainring/bash combo or a Truvativ/sram crank with inspired direct mount bashring sprocket.
  11. You can get the coust pad material on its own then you can cut it and fit it to a set of heatsink or tnn backings
  12. Very nice