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  1. Hayes are still my favourite disc brakes
  2. Just bought one for my giant
  3. Little retro goodness
  4. So I’ve picked up a little project on the cheap. Got a few more bits to get but it’s almost there. Frame, Giant Trial team series Fork, Echo Urban Headset, OBP internal Stem, Viz 130x20 Bars, Zoo riser Grips, Trialtech foam Wheels, Trialtech hubs on Inspired team rims Freewheel, Trialtech 18t Chain, KMC 610 Tensioner, Shimano Ultegra mech Cranks, Truvativ Hussefelt 175mm Bashguard, Truvativ 22t Chainring, Truvativ 22t Saddle, Planet-X Mini trials Levers, Shimano deore Still to come, Shimano Deore rear v brake, Avid bb7 front brake, Onza Hogniesium pedals, Shimano Carbon v brake booster, Kenda small block 8 front tyre, DMR moto digger rear tyre and Proper bmx brake pads.
  5. Beat me to it
  6. Scorpio do custom aluminium frames
  7. Cheers Mark
  8. I’ve seen the Conti tyres with a white pinstripe on the sidewalls are they available to buy separate or just on full build bikes?
  9. Stolen joint HP tyres are worth a look they come in 24” variations with tan wall
  10. New Brighton on the Wirral there’s loads of rocks down on the water front and some half decent stuff over on the dips as well
  11. Technique is really easy to be honest, it takes 10 minutes to learn and a lifetime to master!! My background is mostly Mig both mild and stainless steel only started Tig in May this year. All I need is to just get more torch time and work on my feed consistency.
  12. my first attempt at stainless steel tig.
  13. Mega bump! how are you getting on with that mechanical disc up front?
  14. I have a playlist of songs from all my favourite mtb films over the years