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  1. My Giant yukon!
  2. Juicy
  3. mad head what golf!
  4. Near stanage edge just outside of Sheffield was a good ride ! I still should have got that sheep though
  5. Was sick ! Thanks alot guys loved it !!!!!
  6. Would you do the disc for £5 posted? Cheers

  7. Top video the riding was just amazing, one of my faves
  8. how much for gu fraME

  9. Sickkkkkkkkkkk im famous. Nice video dunc, everything was way bigger properly, looked good your smooth .
  10. im sure 2 local riders wil come, il come and watch n all wish my frame wasn't dead!
  11. il come watch, snapped my gu today
  12. 7 A*'s 4A's 1B
  13. Its a shame for you its being copied but lots of parts are similar, i think it makes it worse since it is pritty much identical but if its not got a patent theres nothing you can do, they havn't done anything wrong in sense. i don't agree with it though, too much of a coincidence !
  14. any news on the GU and money :)?

  15. Lovely and smooth riding, enjoyed them clips !