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  1. 203 BB7 caliper oddy liner cable sd7 lever .... you never look back mate spend the time setting it up properly never have to touch it again
  2. mine was pretty much bald to start with
  3. This is my try all sticky cut down in the dry it's insane
  4. When can we order tickets mate
  5. Any one up for a little chilled ride ? drop us a text 07931677047
  6. I'm back in Sheringham this weekend free tomorrow day if you fancied a little ride or maybe just a chilled Norwich ride there's few good spots around
  7. Looking to go to some where this year either prarge bruges (sorry for spelling not sure ) wondering if there's any one lives over that way . Just fancy taking the bike getting footage etc any one on here from there ?
  8. id be chopping the seat post down to run a normal post
  9. cheers mate
  10. hey guys my older brother has been wanting to try ride trials for ages now but find starting off with out sitting down due to having cerebral palsy in his right body side and his balance being abit off has no problem riding a mountain bike wondering if any one local to Northamptonshire, Leicestershire around this way has a inspired or a zoot for him to try before he buys one himself thanks in advance
  11. cheers guys ive put it down to being tired
  12. yesterday went for a long local ride pushed my self and manged bigger and newer stuff which was great . but then today went to try the exact same things and everything failed maybe cause im tired from yesterday ? really bugging me though haha cheers
  13. monty m5
  14. lighter
  15. carbon love