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  1. It's up for sale now
  2. I remember ripping the headline off my T-master! This looks more hefty though
  3. Picked this up on Onza's Ebay account, apparently it's the 04 Python geometry. Unsure if I'll build this up or not
  4. Will have both 4 finger levers if you still have them ? 

  5. I like Star Wars
  6. U up for a ride tomorrow?  I'm in Rotherham. 

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    2. Big G

      Big G

      What's ur number?  Or are u on facebook

    3. pat_paddles


      Patric service on fb dude

    4. Big G

      Big G

      Added u and PMed 

  7. First bike after six years, strangely enough it's a frame I rode 8 years ago! new forks on the way but I'm excited to be back on a bike
  8. After 6 years off I've bought a second hand bike earlier this month. Any riders about in the area of Sheffield? Furthermore I hope this post is in the correct area