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  1. Love this guy's riding
  2. I have a flow plus and love it even though not used it much due to illness . The bb5s on it are better feeling than the xt if have on my mtb , so I would just go for the upgrade when buying . It took me ages to pick the bike after asking loads of questions to tarty bikes but they were great answering everything so a noob would understand .
  3. Not sure if these have been posted before but I had to share
  4. I got my flow plus last year but couldn't ride due to health reasons , now on the mend but find everything harder than I remember as I could do a fair amount of stuff on my old mtb when I was younger ( now nearly 40 ). One problem is finding somewhere quiet to ride as self-conscious about how much I suck , the other not having anyone to ride with / to help with tips etc.
  5. Nothing wrong with the avids just got them on a new bike ( still bedding in though ) it was just I have the shimano ones sitting there and wondered if they were any good for trials
  6. I have avid bb5 cable disc brakes currently fitted to my flow plus and have a set of shimano m615 brakes sat doing nothing as took them off my full sus when I upgraded to xt , was wondering if the m615s would be better than the cable avids ( even though the avids seem to have a lot more of adjustment ) .
  7. I just turned 39 and just got a inspired flow plus , finding everything hard can't even hop up a curb rolling without hitting the back end ( bad timing ) just need get used to the bike more as more used to a full sus Mtb .
  8. I have my bike , just need to find a quiet place to get used to it and let everything settle in .
  9. Ok , should be here next week . You would be riding with a 39 year old beginner lol
  10. I'm in Aldershot, just waiting for my bike to arrive so I can start riding ( starting kind of from scratch )
  11. Thanks , really looking forward to riding .
  12. Hi all , I'm about to get a inspired flow plus 24 next week and wondering what's the best area to start . I can do a few trial ish stuff on my Full sus mtb ( was a lot better when younger ) would it be better to start on the flat and curbs or steps ledges etc also have old train track to practice balance along or should I just mix it all up ?