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    at stoke uni live in cambridge,<br />obviously like trials rather alot, been riding park/street atm mainly cause of the recent park built, fan of leech/lenosky as they mixing it all up and not purely natural based.<br /><br />going out having fun at student bars, and computer games, which i am doing a degree in (tough life).
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    Jonny Cornwell
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    zebdi mk4 sprayed black, fall guy forks sprayed black, mini mono front, maggy back, xc hubs front and rear, drilled on back 517 on front, ea70 bars, kore stem, selle italia slr saddle, gusset pigmy cranks, yellow pedals, dmr single speed, kmc kool chain, comp 24 rear and some £4 tyre from wilkinson on front. think thats it
  1. well i've come out of hiding and will be digging the bike out. seriously guys well done, awesome video and nothing but positives can come from the sheer amount of coverage. Danny set for life now eveyrone will want you. world economic crysis and danny mac, nice Update: slight update bbc front page holey shit, yeah f**k the 2009 budget < Danny Mac
  2. yeah i could prob, just depends on the turnout reallh. aint seen lots of people for ages back home now, not been on bike for 10months though, but sure will be able to bunnyhop still lol.
  3. noo the one time i dont go and everyone has a bunnyhop session, nice pics. (not even seen my bike since september and dont even know where it is ) where are the pics of a gay boy sagar?
  4. can't do 17th. home at like 5pm and back til 6th
  5. think i may have them on come back up dvd's if i find em ill send em over msn EDIT: only ones on brisa cambridge 38sec long video 5, 6, 7 no video 8 got all with zebdi onwards sowwie
  6. morley is a f**mkin ledge. so accurate, so technical, awesome spins and crankflips. another great video with him is.... bash at the beach, though cant rememebr where to get it. and a few clipsfrom that used in this video though
  7. that phil from luton video was posted on here a while back
  8. damit away this weekend at geekfest28
  9. ben and wally looks photoshopped lol am i crazy or does the camo trousers and orange work together?
  10. i dont know i wasnt looking either
  11. lmao love the ninja light kick, u got some style awsome vid
  12. your still me hero boon... tad sick from danny
  13. tut tut julien u wernt even looking at goes gap to kurb
  14. tucktastic... lmao trying to be like butler, hate unexpected pics and cant wait for the vid of joe front hooking that stick
  15. god no, pic of me bunnyhopping is awful, face is