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Tourists Love Trials


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Japannee tourists love bessel!! hahaha in london get a lot of people standing and pointing particually at Tate, artistic people understand our sport!!! lol

Its the expressionism through pushing the boundaries of whats perceived as normal that we appreciate :D

I just think its f****** good fun :lol:

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The one next to simpson (or whoever it is :D) doesn't have a piece sign.... lol

Maybe because your pedal is sticking in to her shins :D

me and my m8 went to ride a small tourist town just outside newquey, they couldnt get enough.

check it out.


Take that hat off and put a helmet on. Then put the hat on the floor. upside down. :D

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Theres not much point going to newquay to get watched, it is as easy to get attention back home in sunny Costa Del Mansfield.

Athough theres a difference in the types of attention!!.

Sounds a good day out though, i'll bet that it took Jon a fair while to drive down there!


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