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  1. F#@king Mint That!
  2. I totally agree with your comment there Ali. I never called him a rubbish rider, but you just did. But calling someone's content shit isn't childish or crossing a line? Honestly it does not bother me in the slightest, but that mr fox guy just came outta nowhere and started hating on me, but like he said its just trials forum so he can suck it up too.
  3. Thanks for your comment, I must get carried away lol and that's it mate, having fun is the main thing.
  4. Your opinion is completely invalid to me. I am and always will be a better trials rider than you (which needn't be said to be honest). You don't even know me, but so quick to hate. Stick to crossfit, this is trials forum. I don't know, maybe you sharing your comments on my videos gives your MASSIVE gym ego a boost.
  5. First video filmed using my new DJI Osmo. Anybody else used these cameras before? So much wet weather lately, finding it difficult to get out and ride!
  6. Hey man would you accept £275 for the jitsie bike?

    All i got spare at moment


  7. Such a simple idea planned out and put together so brilliantly! Ace video that, as per!
  8. Sorry guys! I had to test my new camera out on something. Next one is of me.. promise
  9. Trials on this anyone? Happy New Year Y'all!
  10. I hope everybody has had a lovely Christmas! Sorry I'v not been active..
  11. Funny that.. we share the same home town..
  12. I cant ride without them now, its strange what you get used to. I use golf gloves because they are thinner than normal riding gloves and if anything, more grippy. Sorry dude, what was misleading?
  13. I'm guessing this is a reference to the gloves? If so, go try them!
  14. I BRING TO YOU, you funny f**kers.. My latest video riding in a builders yard. Actual riding in this one for you Do your worst Bike Trials At Builders Yard
  15. Thanks for checking my profile, clearly thought your account was the same as every other cross fit account. Thanks mate! I agree with what you say about raw, i actually prefer it myself. My audience tends to be younger people and usually my raw clips haven't done as well on my Instagram. We have all heard the music they listen to (shite). Thanks will take on board and try sort this out for smoother watching.. Don't want to give anybody epilepsy. The F#ck are you? I will do. It's great Not a bad comment that Ali, to say you uploaded a video promoting mental health and depression, I can take most people's comments on here as constructive criticism or banter, that's pure taking the piss. Contradiction at its finest, don't you think? It's a shame that those who are more well-known in this industry, aren't usually the best riders out there. I always speak highly of you to everyone, but it seems you are quick to put me down just because my "media" or uploads aren't your taste. Yours aren't always mine either, but I would never leave you any negativity, or anybody else for that matter. So, I'll go back to my original point of you uploading a video on your channel about depression and mental health. Think about it. But we all know you couldn't squat a shit out, so I wouldn't bother. Mike Beck™