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  1. Some people compete who shouldn't. Some people don't who should. #whybeadick
  2. street trials 24 Clips from the 4th ride from way back in the beginning of November before putting away over the winter!! Finally got round to making it to a video and using up the footage that was taken that final day, been re-focusing back on the Crewkerz.
  3. Thanks man, keep forgetting to upload more..
  4. Nice riding Rich, I literately said the word 'Go' out loud as soon as you landed the 180 spin knowing full well what was coming next.. the up to back. (felt as if i was there with you giving you some extra motivation) . Did notice the 'COME AT ME BRO' on the pallet ramp.. I did not think that the people down in Cornwall were so Ghetto and rather more the relaxed and calm type! ha Nicely put together dude with the slow mo,s and mixed angles. Keep it up mate and just subscribed Mike Beck / #BikeMech
  5. dude! your on.. all you can eat chinese? ha
  6. Yeah more of this mate. got ideas just from watching, easy to watch! Thought you was going to ride the wire/ rope line in the first shot!! Ha that would of been sick! keep it up and push some more out dude. Mike
  7. Loved this, greatly put together guys, need more of the mixed rider videos. Bring back the old times.. shame some of those clips where in the dark.. (we cant help that at times) but the sun is out for longer now so maybe we can last time and only time i met with flip i think was in 2012! Leicester maybe?? You are getting to grips with the bike nicely, can also see you tuning into flips style even on the pure trials. what do weigh mate out of curiosity mate?
  8. Hit me up Guys! weathers picking up.
  9. Will be posting my riding pictures up that are collecting on my computer more frequently on here. Here is me at the bike sheds taking it easy at college. Mike
  10. If you'd like to follow me on Instagram you can do so by clicking here: https://www.instagram.com/mike___beck/
  11. COMMITMENT! loved that! real smartly put together and the work and effort that lads put into getting it wright to walk away with it all.. well!! hats off to Chris again! Top bloke
  12. Great work dude, where a bouts in Italy are you moving to? keep it up.
  13. Nice man! that brought back memories! we should ride mannn!!!!
  14. Don’t think my freewheel has ever skipped, not on any of the crewkerz I’ve owned anyway that’s all I know.. maybe just luck? Mite be the crank design though. we need a ride soon mate, loving the tights too! HaHa good move!!
  15. Would like to wish everybody on here a very happy Christmas spending time with their family’s and friends. Hope to see some of you guys in the new year for a ride sometime to! Merry X-Mas