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  1. Great work dude, where a bouts in Italy are you moving to? keep it up.
  2. Nice man! that brought back memories! we should ride mannn!!!!
  3. Don’t think my freewheel has ever skipped, not on any of the crewkerz I’ve owned anyway that’s all I know.. maybe just luck? Mite be the crank design though. we need a ride soon mate, loving the tights too! HaHa good move!!
  4. Would like to wish everybody on here a very happy Christmas spending time with their family’s and friends. Hope to see some of you guys in the new year for a ride sometime to! Merry X-Mas
  5. Yes mate!! Keep on improving at a fast rate, more control every time which is good! Loved the black and white back wheel clip at the beginning!
  6. Thanks for that man
  7. Nice Ben, looking good. Agree with LEON and the yellow Inspired frame stickers perhaps but its personal preference, That Bike is still Sh!t HOT!! let me know when your up for a ride again, was nice to meet new faces.
  8. Something screams its spitting random estimated figures out! its got to come from some facts though, I'd never heard of the page, its a demanding and full time job that some people can do! I however just can not get myself to be filming my daily life to fill in the youtube as a youtuber because im not. Hey maybe one day!
  9. I'm not too sure what i think about that print screen and its predictions?? Would be nice in 2023 to have that many followers behind me though!!!
  10. INSPIRED TEST First time out trying my latest bike ( Inspired ) small video of all the clips filmed yesterday evening. So much to get used to and learn on this style of bike, as it is so different to just pure trials! Having a blast going back to basics and learning all over again. Please leave me some feedback, like and subscribe. Thanks for watching
  11. You could possibly go check David Wallace Shoot's Youtube channel, and watch his version, there you will find that these "wrong" stairs are indeed the right ones to the rooftop that was climbed. I wasn't in London to vlog or make a video of what I am capable of on a bike man, I was there on a shoot. Thanks for your input/tips.
  12. I'm just really enjoying it man, trying to find a balance that appeals to everybody not just trials riders. Loving being out there at the minute and going to different places.