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Genicde Video 2

El Cristoff

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Reet lads,

Got the link working at last, nout big in it cause i have only just started riding stock.

Tom has been riding 4 months now (Y)

Enjoy and comment away.

Youtube Video ->
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Genicide or Genocide ? either way i dont understand that ....

riding was good, but the music aint my cup of tea ...

The name sounds cool as you say it (Y) Thats all..... And it is with an i as it looks better?? Well to be honest it should stop now as it was Mod Vs Stock kinda thing but now Cris is a big boy we should get a new name maybe?? Or single vids? What do people think? Keep with the dual rider thing or move to individual vids? More of me? Maybe ;)

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seriously tom, we go out, get vidage of you, i go home and its all bails lol.

Like the halfords wall, it was 5 mins of bail, bail, bail, bail, bail. :lol:

Cus i actually go for it..... and fail :(lol but yeah i know :( Vid three is gonna own boyo (new found bravery)


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