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Little video from the easter weekend. We went to Manchester and didn't get mugged, for all the people who recently posted up that they didn't want to ride there for whatever reason. We even SPOKE to some chav's. Yes i know that's a little weird. This video is also on TT for download. Please try to leave a nice comment about the red faced one.

Trials-Forum Video -> Full ViewDownloadUpload
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Really like that love the bit at the end.

I also live in manchester but i need to find those places where you guys were.

I know urbis and the church by urbis and the triangle and thats it.


The first part of the video is in Castlefield which is about ten minutes pedaling distance from the triangle (marks and spencer,big tele on't wall). We go to the main road and pedal away from marks and sparks. Just ask random people where Castlefield is. Couldn't be easier.

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Loved it.

I have always wanted to see the exchange square area being ridden, as i haven't got the balls to ride it myself :$

Manchester city center is a Top place to ride.

There are some big moves to be had and some nasty drops in front of M&S.

Great vid guys (Y)

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I really enjoyd that, really fast flowing video :) top stuff :D

Just out of intrest, at the start is that near the beatles museum and all of that ?

I reconize it but don't no why lol ?


Can't say i have ever heard of a Beatles museum. All i can say is it's Castlefield.

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