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New Echo Tensioner


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Its made for the Echo hubs, so How you guna fit it to your mech hanger?

What he said.

I was at Dan's the other day, you pop off the hub spacer and this replaces it. It doesn't fit hangers (unless you want to engineer some crazy one...).

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I've the one already integrated into the hub and it works really well. To tension the chain I loosen the bolt on the chain side of the hub slightly (So it's still got some tension) and use a socket set handle to lever the tension arm down against the chain until the tension is right. Then tighten the hub bolt and you're done. With this one the pinch bolt will need slackening instead. I don't see why it wouldn't work, and it should be more out of the way and harder to damage than hanger mounted tensioners...

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I tighten the drive side bolt a little more than I'd usually tighten a bolt of that size as the chain was getting loose if the bolt wasn't tightened this far. Make sure there's no grease on the faces of the tensioning arm parallel to the dropout surface. It relies on lots of friction to hold it in place...

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I almost bought the 08 135mm hub today. Turns out there is an 08.5 i think Adam called it. I was skeptical at first, but the 08 side of things looks like an improvement to previous really poor years. The 08.5 is suppost to have a grub screw in the tensioner to secure it even further. But as it goes £90 is alot of money for untested parts (still) so i favoured with a Pro2 and am giving the Eno another rest.

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A grub screw will do a crap job holding the tensioner. Once the tip of the screw has dug a hold for itself in the axle the tip of the screw will aim for that hole every time you try to tighten it. A pinch bolt like that shown in the picture at the start of this thread is a much better idea.

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