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Echo Mod Tyres


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What is every ones obsessions with all the old deng stuff ? obviously it was dis-continued for a reason ?

The 05 rims, granted are nice and probably better than the 06/06/08 versions.

But things like tyres, never had one myself but from what i've heard there shite, as with the stems.

Thebashrings just look different, imo, worse.

Is the obsession that people just want to pretend there back in 2005 and be ols school ?

Not aimed at any one in perticular...

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If this is the Old Echo Supa Trial tyres i can guarantee they are slippy!

But the thing about this tyres is that they have an AMAZING bounce...!

They are PERFECT / made for....sidehops!!

I belive there is no tyres that can beat the bounce in this tyres....

And they look realy cool... i have some pairs laying around at home... mostly just for fun :)

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What is every ones obsessions with all the old deng stuff ? obviously it was dis-continued for a reason ?

Pretty sure i remeber reading that he stopped the tyres because they weren't profitable. Not that they're rubbish.

Found it.

The tire for 20" bikes are still available by us, but without our mark. Because these tires are not design or make by us. We just selling these tires. The 26" stop because it's not good at all. It has 2.5" marks but it's a 2.25 tire, and it's too low so it's very easy to be flat. We are selling the Kenda tires now, without our logo too, it's design and make by Kenda. It's not bad. Make a tire is very cost. But trials market is not big, and different riders wants different tires. We can make different frames and forks, but it's impossible to make different tires for such market. So we just do some trading things, sell some tires which ok for trials.
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Everyone should stop being tight and move on and use try all tyres, nothing grips better for a mod.

Andy B

And the wear life is complete and utter sh*t. you would be replacing them every 2 months. Is it worth it?

Ive had my Echo tyres for absolute ages and had no problems with them (Y)

Had them well over six months and still have good tread on them.

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