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16 years later

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NASS I’m sure its more expensive this year at £24.50 last year it was only like £18.00

Last year I got a camping ticket for £20 from someone out side on the day. He was entering and got tickets for free so sold me one. (but had no tent gay)

All my friends are going as children but I look much older than them which is soooo GAY

I still want to go but I think they are charging to much

What you think are they charging to much


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£60 but pendulum are playing aswell, im pretty sure a pendulum ticket sells for more than that...

u defo going this year joe, i want to if we can get max, ben ect? lol pendulum have played in wokings quake for under 18s the most grotty club in the world! 5 quid entry ha

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it was 30 when i last went in 05, 60 quid isnt bad, but it does make something like reading festival look like a bargain. pendulum are good but dont justify the price hoik, i saw pendulum at rebirth festival with skinny man, klashnekoff and a shed load of others and it cost me £12

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After entering the site without needing my ticket last year i think i'm not going to bother. Chances are i'll be going for Saturday afternoon, the evening and Sunday. So i'll buy a ticket at the door if i have to. I really don't think they will be able to keep on top of the new rules anyway. I'll take a few marker pens too, colour my wrist bad in the appropriate colour if i need to. Sly.. :shifty:

I also just read:

22. The following items are not to be brought onto site: alcohol, fireworks, flares, flagsticks, smoke canisters or bombs, offensive weapons, chemicals of any kind, containers, bottles, can’s, recording equipment, laser pens, pets and any person in possession of such articles may be refused entry or ejected.

Do they really think they can charge us £1 for a bottle of water?

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