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Dan Brooker


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Cheers Ads for putting that up, Dan is a quality rider and its good that people are seeing what he is best at on those rocks.

Also for those who have never ridden those rocks, which will be nearly everyone, they are f***ing huge and very dangerous.

Top work Mr B, ride soon dude.

Andy b

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I liked the video, riding was pretty good. Are you sponsored by Tartybikes out of interest?

How many Vincent Hermance films do you watch a day?

I'd like to ride some of those lines and see how they are in real life.

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Right I watched it again, and I liked it, one thing annoyed me ever so slightly though... Where you get right over the back of the bike when starting a run up, as you would do with a short run up tap or whatever, which is fine.

But the run up wasn't that short, and you didn't pedal all the way to the wall, which you could have one if you started in a normal position. Looks like you do it for effect more than power.

Good looking taps though.

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that was mint! I loved it. Dan's really smooth and as Ali pretty much said, so so skillfull

Vid wise...yeah whatever, but its not supposed to be a well edited vid, it just shows how good dan is.

Beasty moves, Keep it up man!

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