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Already wondering about saving for a new bike, after a month with the saracen, and like the Onz Zoot. But was wondering about whether parts are easy to get? And are they still not allowed in comps? Or would I be better finding a stock? Lots of question marks?

Any help appreciated

p.s. sorry if this thread has been done before

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To be honest I think 24" is becoming a much bigger thing than it used to be. I'm pretty sure they are allowed in comps?! But don't quote me on that.

With all trialtech/inspired bits and bobs cropping up all over the place parts are now well and truly easy to get.

Only thing I'd say about the zoot - frame (not sure about other components?) is f-f-f-ing heavy.

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Yeahh go 24". I doubt very much you will regret it. I havent had my zoot very long, made the spec relitively mint, set it up for street, so manuals and bunny's like a beast! Parts are getting more readily available, tyres etc are available from Tarty and T-uk now, so no worries there. Bars and stems can be found on chainreaction and simlar sites and even in lbs'.

24" is good if your not bothered about TGS and measuring everything you do! Not being bothered about doing 50" sidehops, but just going out and having some fun! I sure am!

I would say maybe try and get something like a leeson or inspired or 24uk rather than a zoot, even though they ride mint, not exactly the best looking of bikes!

If you do get a zoot, change bar and stem and tyres asap and one or two other ugly things and theyre fine!

No you cant enter comps, but you can still go ripping up street and park!

Depends what your after really!

I dont regret getting my 24" one bit!


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It was never really an issue in comps unless you were riding at a top level, so for the regionals no one cares. It's pretty unlikely that you'll be winning any comps on a 24" anyway - if you are, you've got it set up wrong! The comp scene confuses me with all the rules, but haven't UCI just put everyone all in one class anyway, so there's no rules to stop you now?

Parts are dead easy to find - the only real difference between 24" and stock is the frame and rims/spokes/tyres (obviously). If you're using a rim brake on the front then you need some forks with 24" mounts, but for disc it's not an issue (use normal stock forks).

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Go for a Zoot there mint 24 bikes and your love it (Y), when i got my zoot i just change the BB, cranks, stem and bars, not to sure about tyres had high rollers on mine.

I loved my Zoot :blink: , There easy to get parts etc, tarty and trials uk both are sweet they always help me out :o.

Would say you should save up for a Inspired there just so sweet, just like a zoot but lighter, 180s bloody great and seem's to be a nice ride for all types of trials/street

There are the nicest looking 24 inch bike no matter what colour etc. :D

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