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No Seats?!


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seats is just extra weight innit..

Blindingsun I have amused myself by reading your stupid comments in this NMC.

You seem to be all mouth but have you got the shizzle to back yourself up? i.e vid etc..

I bet you cant even ride a bike, you just know the moves because you watch youtube all day!

Dont even bover comin bak wi a stupid coment innit just show us that you can ride innit...

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All the cool trials bikes still do have seats.

Sam knows. Seats are cool, and should be brought back. (hence why i'm reppin' one)

Seats have just become obsolete in 'modern' trials, mainly for clearance purposes. All the super low standover is just avoid anything getting in the way, so obviously having a seat there isn't gonna help.

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montys and some onzas have seats which are very small but kinda comphy depending on how long you sit down on it lol, most others dont have seats because it is extra waight and it is so you can get more tucking on the bike when you sidehop or back wheel, it also helps for better balance :) hope i helped,

you can sit on boosters depending on how big you are in height. sometimes it hurts you knees but not a lot

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