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I dont know the in's and out's of computers and my laptop just wont start up. it gives the option of safe mode but still does the same. its a windows xp if that makes any difference. im actually on my psp atm. can anyone please tell me what is wrnog and if it can be fixed?


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I had that on my old laptop, I just shoved in the boot disc and followed it from there.

Tried this three times now and everytime it tryes to start windows the blue screen popped up every time :(

Really needing help here!

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It can't even load the Windows reinstall disc? Sounds like a BIOS/Hardware failure to me. I had something exactly the same on an old HP computer I got for free, I never managed to mend it though, it had on board graphics and sound, and I was pretty sure it was the motherboard that had died, and I couldn't find a new one. :(

I'd ask on a tech help forum or take it to a shop, but it sounds like it's going to be expensive.

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First things first...

Remove all USB devices, printers, mouse, keyboard, scanners, routers...everything and run with nothing connected to the computer except the power and monitor. If it works then gradually plug in devices from the most required first (keyboard, mouse, printer etc). This will eliminate a problem wth any devices you have; I've had this problem many times.

If that doesn't work, crack open the case and check the seating of your components (if you've never done this before remove all power sources and dab your hands on an earthed conductable to remove static charge from your body, alternatively a copper wire from your wrist to a copper radiator pipe). Make sure all your components are seated firmly into your motherboard, particularly graphics card and RAM.

After checking turn the computer back on, if it still doesn't work after this you can emliminate components to run on bare minimum and rule out a hardware problem in that bit (ie. remove graphics card and use on-board graphics through the motherboard if available, run on minimum RAM if using two sticks; also interchange them to make sure one isnt faulty, disconnect any CD/Floppy drives, remove external hard drives or any slave drives, disconnect any additional fans (NOT THE CPU FAN!))

If still doesn't work after this, the most likely reason is a currput hard drive (perhaps alteration or deletion of the boot.ini file; usually caused by anti-virus/malware programs). What Anti Virus software are you using and have you upgraded any drivers or programs lately?

Although my bet is a currupt hard drive, although you never can be too certain so its best to explore all the aveunes before running out and buying a new hard drive when it could be something as little as a keyboard causinig the problem :)

Edit: Just noticed you said it was a laptop....which will exclude most of the information I gave you, although I cant be arsed to edit, but logic will tell you what to exclude :)

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Nothing has worked so I guess its fookered.

I think its not worth getting fixed as it was getting really slow and as it had 30gb of memory it was pretty shit in the first place. Im Just going to buy a new laptop when I have the money.

Thanks for all your help though guys!

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