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Photoshopping Bikes/bits


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ok not sure if this is the right place for this to go :">


post pics of what ever you need doing and there are a few people that will be able/give it a very good go at photoshopping it.

give a decent quality pic and a nice description and you will get better results.


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I'll help out as well, I do freelance graphic design so re-colouring stuff is easy enough :-

On a side note, if your frame is black make sure it's a decent picture in good light, otherwise it's allot harder to get it looking a different colour propperly :D

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I've got another idea. Why not give us less-able users a guide, or a link to a tutorial, so that we don't need to ask you "Photoshop Gods" every time we want to change something.

For example,

how to change the colour of a component,

how to chop and change compnents,

etc etc,



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Right...I've designed a custom sticker for my Koxx (Yes I was VERY bored), and I was wondering if it's possible to have it photoshopped onto my frame, in place of the original. If it is, and you can be nice enough to do it for me, then thank you :-





Or (Christ I'm bored)




And again in case its easier or something...I dunno.


So yeah...If that's possible then I would be very grateful :D



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so how does everyone do their colour changing? It would be helpful if you told.

What I used to do before my computer crashed and deleted photoshop, was most likely the wrong way, but it worked

I done a tube at a time, used the magnetic lasso thing to draw round it, and around the stickers, then changed the hue thing, I think. I then done this for all the other tubes and magic, looked ok, didnt go over stickers either.

Thats the only thing I can do on photoshop, it confuses the hell outta me, I can use premeire piece of piss though.

Probably got all the names wrong too, cos its not on my comp anymore, but thats kinda what I did.

Im off to install photoshop again :-

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