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Stolen Bike - Forum Detectives Needed!


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Up until recently i had myself a fairly nice riding kona Shred 2004/frame. The brown one.

Well i went away for the weekend and on the saturday night my girlfriend and housemate were super dumb and left all the doors unlocked when they went to bed. Unfortunately some pikey scum came into the house, nabbed my 360 games and some dvd's and took the bike. They got spooked while they were checking out upstairs and walked in on my girlfriend while she was sat upright terrified. They legged it once she'd seen them (disguised in a hat and a scarf of all things... clearly pro's). Luckily for those two it was only my stuff taken, although as you can imagine i'm now mega pissed with both of them for letting my stuff get taken. If it was the other way round i'd be offering to replace the missing things but at the minute it's more been a case of my girlfriend not having the funds to and the other guy not being bothered. Anyway, less rambling....

The bike is:

Kona shred 15" brown frame

Marzocchi Z1 drop off's 130mm travel with ETA adjuster in sort of metallic charcoal colour

FSA Orbit XLII headset

silver 24seven bars/tranz-x stem (i liked it >_< )

Truvative cranks/bb with single chainring and MRP lexan bashring

DMR v8's

DK BMX Saddle (the most sofa like seat ever!)

Black Pro 2 rear hub on BMF rim

Hayes 9 rear disc

Crappy vuelta front wheel

I know how good the forum detectives are so if any of them can keep an inter'eye out across the web and post up here if by some amazing coincidence it does show up i'd most appreciate it. It wasn't insured yet so no way to claim it back, hence me trying to track it down.

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Will keep an eye out mate, but in my experience the best course of action is to get in touch with all the scummiest people you know and get them to ask around, because it's usually some local filth. (Y)

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On a warm day down here my housemate was cooking and left the front door open while he cooked. Then he finished his food and went to his his room down in the basement, leaving the front door wide open with my bike about 1 metre away from it.

Luckily it didn't get stolen but it shows how stupid people are.

Hope you get it back mate - I'm miles away so not much chance but I'll keep an eye out anyway!

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