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Echo Control '09 Brake Mount/chain Issues


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Right so I got myself a Control after my Yaabaa snapped.

Running 18:15 with Trialtech Lite chain, HS33s with TNN mounts, try-All 2 bolt booster and Hole rim/Der Kaiser rear tyre.

My problem is that with the correct tension in the chain (and enough room for the tyre), the mounts do not line up with the rim. The mounts could do with being welded 5mm lower. With the TNN clamps at their limit adjusted all the way down, the pads rub on the tyre about 2-3mm.

So, 2 ways around it - Move wheel forward in dropouts and use 74 Kingz style tensioner on the chain, or cut out the top part of the brake clamp to give more travel.

Anyone have this problem/got around it? Any problems with cutting the top part out of the brake clamp?

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Tried one of these?

To make your chain just that little bit smaller.

Or would that cause your tyre to rub?


That would be ideal, but I'm a bit dubious of half links having snapped a few in the past. Anyone (Adam/Stan) know if these are more suitable than the Gusset style half link chains?

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It's an awesome bit of design isn't it!

I'm running std maggy mounts 18-15 and a trialtech rim and i have to angle my pads down about 10 degrees.

Don't some of the new mounts have a bit more travel? Want to sort something out before i put new pads on there.

If there's no easy solutiion i think i'm going to go with the spoke tensioner.

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Sounds interesting. However the lack of adjustability on the mounts doesn't come from the bolt reaching the end of the slot, it's the mount on the frame that buts up against the part of the clamp nearest the slave that's the problem. Do the neon mounts have that much material removed from that area?

Thanks for the suggestion (Y)

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I ran 18:15 with Rain King/Der Kaiser and trialtech chain with Try-all H hub and 2 snail cams. I found the snail cams didnt have enough adjustment, so i got a large (~20mm) washer to go through the snail cam bolt on the inside of the frame so the snailcam rested on the washer rather than the bolt. This gave the extra adjustment i needed for decent chain tension. Never had a problem with brake set up though.

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