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Rotational mass...


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Yeah, 100g lost on wheels is the same as losing 200g from the frame in road cycling but in trials rotational mass isn't that important...

Weight lost from the front end let's you lift the bike easier, back end weight isn't so noticeable but changing a free hub to a front freewheel definitely is noticeable.

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Won't that differ on the size of wheel and weight/mass of the tyre? For example the weight being further from the hub would need more force to accelerate so you would really feel the difference but a 19" wheel different diameter altogether.

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Currently I have a normal tryall stiky and on the rear there's a maxis creepy crawler. The lightest tyres for a mod seem to be the Monty eagle claw pro race (mouthful!!) which I'd hope to run on the front and rear.

Cheers for the advice so far guys!

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