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RB design lever - best lever?


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Think you can still get them I thought they were shite personally I've had three in my time and all of them leaked really nice feel to them though for the short time that they did work .

Look for racing line levers there the ones that everyone is raving about at the minute

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You just have to get lucky. Not seen any floating around for a loooong time, so you'll have to scour the For Sale section and eBay and hope (unless someone with one in their shed sees this thread and offers you it) :(

I had one once and - as above - it leaked a bit.

If you mean the RB lever blade in an '04 HS33 body, however, then I salute you. Best feeling brake I ever had!

Edit: As for alternatives, Racing Line levers feel bloody fantastic. Stan's got the newer style one (split bar clamp version), and it feels seriously ace.

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Think ive seen one if these in the forsale thread for an 04 magura. Maybe worth a check?

You have as I thought of the very same thing, http://www.trials-forum.co.uk/topic/183771-zoo-pythong-spliting-echo-tryall-etc-look-in-great-parts-swap-24-xc-or-dh/

Although not sure what lever body he has so will need to check if right

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