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fitting vbrakes to a 2bolt frame and are sun big mammoth fats good for


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Maybe that title doesn't make sense but I'm looking at a frame that has 2 bolts on each seat stay for brake callipers...I believe magura specific?

How would I run standard vees on this? I can't find adapters anywhere.

Also, I have some wheels made up with big mammoth fat rims...anyone used these for trials? They're heavy but bloody strong.



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my rear `14 hs33 magura with grinded rim and Rockman green pads is deadly. it has two settings: off and your bike will stay on the spot where you pulled the brake while you try not to fall of the bike

I love its power

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feather the breaking= brake lighlty and different powers?

Well, you can but it does not work that well, so basically it is best used on and off

for me at my setup it is basically just making sound, no brakepower, for fine braking my front disc is the best

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Oh god yes, smooth rims and wet weather is a lethal combination! Stuff like Heatsink Yellows literally do not work at all in the wet, not just a lower standard of braking but actually no braking!

I can understand where you're coming from not wanting to grind your rims as again I was in the same boat when I started up again after 9-10 years out of trials but the day I did it I was glad. The difference is like night and day and means you can have confidence that your brake is gonna stop you when you need it!

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feckin flip that's mad. even on a 26? still, they may well do until i could afford a new wheelset.

so options are buy proper wheels or use my rims and buy hubs and get someone to build them. option 2 may be cheaper depending on whether i get second hand wheels for option 1!

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