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Yeah it's 980, 74, +20 and 360/365 ish with his 22-16 ratio, it's at the shorter end of streety, but nice & steep at the front.

His build's definitely lighter than mine, his Magura MT2's instead of my Saints, his Middleburns instead of my Saints etc.

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Yeah all the black bits work nicely! He had an old Mk1 Inspired with a big crack in the chainstay, never rode very nicely, too long & too high. He instantly prefers this with the shorter top tube & shorter chainstays & lower bb. It's just more responsive in every way.

He could still use a little bit more steerer tube on this bike but that's his fault!

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Was an '09 Fourplay.

Ok actually he did change the bar & stem...and brakes. But wheels & everything else are from 2009.

He also thought a 5 year old chainring would be fine with a new chain.

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