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Joseph Prattley - Old footage, New video

Jo Prattley

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Hey everyone

About a year ago myself and a friend set aside a day to gather a few clips and put together a short edit for his university course, this is the footage we managed to collect !

After watching this video once or twice i can see how and where my riding has progressed since filming and this is by no means a "new" video

hope everyone enjoys it



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thanks for the comments !

for all their great quality's i'm afraid sambas do have one downfall as a riding shoe .. and that is that they break at the toe !

as i said in the description i feel my riding has progressed massively since sticking to a low bb bike (and in general) ..

im not necessarily going much bigger (sidehop & up to front wise) than in this video but i feel much smoother and like i am in more control of the bike

hopefully there will be a new video out soon to prove this (and prove im not talking out of my arse)



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