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Neither myself or my camera can take good photos, and the sun kinda needs to be out for the colour to 'pop'.

I asked Marino for something along the lines of British Racing Green, and he came up with this awesome dark metallic colour that really shines in the sun.

No back brakes because I ran out of bolts.

It rides amazing. 18:13 gearing means my chainstay length is super short at around 358.6mm (In theory).

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Geo is 980mm wb, 20mm bb, 74 ha, 360mm cs.

I couldn't really tell you how it feels for trialsy stuff, because I haven't sorted the back brake yet.

Not sure about the length issue either. Hopefully someone else can help.

What bike do you have at the moment? If you're already on a fairly modern street trials bike then I suspect you'll fit just fine on one of these.

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