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  1. Made some glittery cubes. I had intended to make some candle holders as DIY Christmas presents, but realised that it's not the greatest design for such a thing. So I've ordered some solar-powered "fairy" lights that can be crammed inside - I guess that should make them a bit more useful.
  2. Fishing. Don't get it. Especially when it's at the side of a boring canal or whatever.
  3. Volvo's are cool Actually I'm going to recommend something a bit different. I recently picked up an Alfa 159 1.9 JTDM Sportwagon. Surely the most stylish thing in your price range. Having had an older Alfa in the past, they're nothing like as scary to own as some people would have you believe. I haven't posted on here for decades but I got my project 740 on the road recently, went to some track days, found some problems, and now I'm fixing it again.
  4. Indeed. How the actual f**K has England been brainwashed into voting tories? Hooray for terrible health care and privatisation.
  5. Depends where I'm at. I'm leaving the car off the road until approx. May.
  6. I would've liked an Ashton Justice in black & white.
  7. Thanks, you've reminded me to buy tickets for Slipknot. I quite like their new album, but in terms of Corey's stuff my favourites are "The house of gold & bones" albums by Stone Sour.
  8. Even as a Volvo guy, that's a dumb move
  9. @CurtisRider I've been thinking about adjustable car ramps recently and I remember you made something along those lines. Willing to share some pics?
  10. Burnout
  11. Modern-ish ones are not that bad. The 156 for example was a step up in quality from previous models.
  12. Tom, you might be solely responsible for keeping TF alive.
  13. Was the R26 just a temporary thing?? I finally got my 740 turbo running, 5 months after the first attempt. I was let down by a brand new part that didn't work. Thoroughly looking forward to doing some skids in 2019.
  14. Can't think of any significant distinguishing marks. I sold it to Tom Chilvers.
  15. Nice, and quite possibly the frame I used to own: Link to thread from 2012