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  1. Burnout
  2. Modern-ish ones are not that bad. The 156 for example was a step up in quality from previous models.
  3. Tom, you might be solely responsible for keeping TF alive.
  4. Was the R26 just a temporary thing?? I finally got my 740 turbo running, 5 months after the first attempt. I was let down by a brand new part that didn't work. Thoroughly looking forward to doing some skids in 2019.
  5. Can't think of any significant distinguishing marks. I sold it to Tom Chilvers.
  6. Nice, and quite possibly the frame I used to own: Link to thread from 2012
  7. Good stuff. I desperately need a welding bench. I'm just starting with mig, but I barely have space to work. Last night I rearranged the garage to at least have a tiny bit of workspace. I built the first section of my exhaust on the floor with the garage in its previous arrangement, not pleasant! (Front of the car is in the foreground) Had to do some awkward pie cuts to get the exhaust to line up properly.
  8. Think I missed that, you've got an mx5 now? I'll eventually do an update on here. Struggling to get it running at the moment.
  9. Should be ok
  10. Now we've confused things I'm thinking original plans are best plans. Then we can discuss a future track day or similar?
  11. Hold it at tom's house so he doesn't have to move the fairlane :-P I'm torn on this one, there might not be a perfect date for everyone so maybe just go ahead with it?
  12. I don't remember that but I did have to pick up the phone with them and confirm something.
  13. Comprende? Either way for me. I guess it would be nice to see everyone's main projects rather than their daily's.
  14. Pre face-lift, with some sort of aftermarket headlights that have darker surrounds. Haven't quite finalised the price but I think I'll try for around 1200 to begin with. 156k miles. Did the timing and auxiliary belts last year. Momo leather seats, bose speakers, rain sensing wipers, semi-working air conditioning.
  15. That's a bummer. Hope it's an easy fix. My day was much better than that thankfully, I gave the Alfa a send off drive over Black Mountain pass. Putting it up for sale very soon, probably against my better judgement considering how excellent it has been.