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Alternative to GoPro?


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Alreet chaps?

I'm looking for a cheap and cheerful camera I can mount in my car, whilst I'd like decent quality video it doesn't need to be GoPro full HD quality.

The market seems to have been flooded with replicas from £10 to £200 and I'd like something half decent at the lower end of the scale.

So, anyone got a suggestion?

Also, if possible, I'd like to run it off my cigarette lighter socket in the car and use an SD or micro SD card (Which I assume they all use?)



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I'm surprised you haven't seen mine mate.


Some of my latest vids show it. Came to £55 I think with a 32gb micro sd card.

The quality is amazing and they do lots of attachments for it too.

Called the mobius action cam. It is fully programmable too with smartphone or computer software, so i've set mine up so that it auto records as soon as it gets a 12v voltage such as the one that comes from ignition in your car. Lots of other little secrets too its ace.

Review here.

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I've got a Sony HDR-AS15 which has been spot on. Very similar spec to Go-Pros (1080p, 120fps, 30m waterproof etc.). It streams live and very smoothly to phones, both when setting up and still when recording. The lens is a hugely wide 170deg viewing angle, but that can be cropped down to 120 and keep 1080p, plus when cropped you can set it to smooth the video by moving the frame around to steady the shot, which works really well. Plus it mounts to a standard tri-pod mount, which is nice and universal.

I'd have said it's a better camera than the go-pro 1/2 and would sit somewhere between the black and silver 3s. However at £170 in my eyes it was way better value than any of the Go-Pros.

Example video, not sure what the rattling is, the sounds generally very good on it. The camera was rigidly mounted, and you can see the bonnet moving around as it steadies the shot to keep the view in front smooth/level:

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