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Rear hub 10x135 recomendation


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Hi,there.Would you recommend some 10x135 rear hub/s which i could run six cogs cassette on(my frame is old one)?I currently have some cheap Formula on rear,but it is engagement is very bad and i have to ratcheted the cranks every time when i do wheelie and trackstand,very annoying.It is ok for beginner like me,but i need better one.

Thank you in advance.

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For the money, yeah, Hope wins hands down. If you've got more to play with (like, a lot more) Industry 9 Hydra is spectacular. Profile hasn't changed there Elite hub in a long time, but they're great too. Chris King is not my favorite company anymore, but their hubs are great too. You won't be unhappy with a Hope and you'll basically be able to afford 2 of them compared to the others.

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I heard good stuffs about Hope,but i have read some threads here saying that there are issues on Hope Pro 4 SS and fact that most of the on online shops have no stock,leads me to idea that maybe last batches are not ok,so i would rather wait a few months.

Would anyone compared stiffness,engagement differences,etc. of Hope pro 4 vs Hope pro 4 SS/Trails?

What is better in my case 10x135 bolt in or 12x135 axle(i am going to use redicer axke 12 to 10 mm Reverce Components)?

Thank you.


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