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The Best/most Innovative Trials Vids


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I was wondering what people think are the best or most innovative trials vids ever?

The riding doesn't have to be amazing - it's the film-maker's skill and style that I'm interested in...

Basically, I'm going to be getting an Apple Powerbook soon so I can do graphic design and editing work, and with my IMMENSE summer holiday (Uni ends late april :P ) I want to make an amazing trials vid... The aim will be to produce a visually-stunning piece, NOT to showcase record-breaking riding.

So, for a bit of inspiration, which vids do you most admire for their style? Any links would be great (Y)



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All the mentioned are awesome :P

But: I say try to create your own style, replicating a load of other peoples things won't be too great, well it would, but it wouldn't be your own work. I'm kinda in the same boat as you, wanna go nuts in a video, just wouldn't be able to get the sweet moves in that many people only watch videos for, so they'll give negative comments and put you off without taking into consideration how much you've worked on it.

It's quite annoying, I'm always in an Editing frame of mind, you'll hear songs and tunes and think "Hmmm, that'd be great to do, with this kinda scene etc", I'm sure you can relate to that. Too bad I can't edit, nor can I set any time to really learn, Summer seems a fairly realistic idea, I'd love to get myself a laptop so I can just sit in the garden, enjoy the sun, have a nice cold beer and edit videos - would be dandy!

Anyways - think fo' yo' funky selfage, and good luck (Y)

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First thing: Beer would NEVER be spilt on my Powerbook - Only Strongbow would be allowed near it (Y) (Y)

Second- Cheers Raub (You know Lil' Dan dont you?). Was gonna make my own style one anyway, but I've got to remember to be inspired, not to copy :P I'm going to aim for a mix between Top Gear (for its use of filters), Bi-King (for it's use of Pastiche) and a genre film - possibly film-noir or Western, not sure yet...

Oh, and I know Glasseye vids rock! I play "fivepointfive" everytime I turn my PC on! Just wish it was longer - my copy is less than a minute long...

Any other great vids?

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