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Vinco "review"


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Thought id post a small review on vinco bike here :

I must say that the Vinco bike really impressed me , i thought i would notice real negative points on this bike because of the lenght and BB height , but i only got one small negative point.

The most talked of element is that with higher point of gravity you will be real sketcty and loose balance on this bike. But this is actually not true, unless something magic happened to me this bike actually improved my trackstand balance, and on rear wheel it feels much more stabile then any other bike.

First time i tried this bike i could do stuff i couldnt on the xtp, and i had not ridden more then 5 times the last 2 months , the bike just felt amazing.

Lenght: This bike is very long , but because of the BB height and stem the bike feels about same lenght as the 1090 XTP , with this long bike you can tap higher and diffo stuff easier. And at the same time the bike feels very light and easy to move around like it should have been a shorter bike.

Sidehop: With this bike i did 48" sidehop easy , the main reason to that was probably my confidence, because you actually are 8 cm higher everything feels 8 cm lower! but the high BB and overall lightness of the vinco bike also helped with easy sidehopping. Remember , now its 8 cm longer til the real wheel hits your bum, deffo a good thing.

Gap to rear wheel : This is the only "negative" point of the bike, it did feel abit harder to do gap to rear wheel on this bike rather then on xtp, but it still feels very good.

Gap to front wheel: The Vinco feels amazing on front wheel, beeing on front wheel is just so comfortable . So it felt great doing gaps to front wheel, it felt easier and better then on xtp.

Tapup: This was my biggest concern about the +8 cm BB , i thought the rear end would flick out real easy and hit wall , but that wasnt the case. Tapups feels real nice and better then on the xtp because its longer and the position where you actually stands when your about to jump on a tapup seems ideal, and the rear end jumps up even when i didnt think it would . I did about 59" tapup the second time i tried the bike.

Bunnyhop: Yes ! you can bunnyhop even though its loong , that is mainly because of the high BB , its maybe a little hard to get front up but definetly something im gonna do often. I could not bunny the xtp .

Pedalup: This feels very good aswell ,but feels the same as the xtp.

Hookups: Hookups with this bike is very easy, second time trying the bike i tried a 65" hookup to wheels and gosh i did it so easy . I could bunny so i got higher and the high BB made hookups easier then on the xtp.

Strenght: because of the tubing system the frame is very strong and need some effort to dent it even though its rather light.

Overall impressions : Vinco frame is my highest choice and i simply love getting ontop ... of vinco ... this does sound gay , lol ! Its so easy to ride, it just rolls over things , its long for big taps and still its very flickable . I would recommend this frame for people of 180 cm (5.9) and above, even though your shorter you could really enjoy this bike, try one and see what you think .

I say Go ride vinco ! ;p

Mine have to wait 5 more weeks though, damn broken arm .

PS: This is just MY feelings about the bike , this might ofcourse vary.



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I was thinking about getting one of these as my next frame, after reading your review it is very encouraging but I am only 173cm tall and would be worried if I would find it too long.

Also do you just use a mod stem with the bike or is it a special high rise stock stem?

I wounder if Koxx have started off another trials design era of high bb's for stocks and super long bikes, not just long but super long?

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Cheers for that.

Whats the reach? (Centre of BB to centre of headtube) and wheelbase is 1115 right?

Also, those pink bars. Are they your first pair? I'm a bit concerned that mine might snap, as I've heard rumours of them being snappy happy. Is that your first pair? Why in Koxx01 (I think - the one with the Tech '04 sidehop bar) were you using black bars, and then half way through, you're running a set of Pinky ones?



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Your so hardcore riding with a broken arm and no shoes wow.

Anyway when i rode the vinco it was easily the nicest bike ive got on the backwheel effortless doesnt come close, I would love to try one out for a month or so.

That top pic looks black and white apart from the bars and rim its really confusing.

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yes it did hurt with only socks lol , and with the broken arm, but im a tugh viking ;P haha

No ive used my one purple bar all the time since koxx sponsorship, its the new koxx bar thats wider over bend and are naturally stronger.

haha i have done all the colors but the rims weaker ;p

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suites you sir :S

what cranks you got? they look kinda like the shitty ones you get standard on T-Pros. :( wouldn't of thought they could stand up to the 'TRA treatment'?

EDIT: Durrrr, your sponsored by Koxx and they have a try-all logo on them :blink:

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I've got to ask though, is it made to run a stem that long and an angle that steep?

I'm not complaining, just I've not seen that before... :blink:

It has to, due to the BB being so raised. If you ran a normal stem, your bars would feel unbelieveably low!

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The more I look at it, the lower it seems...

Is this the shape of things to come? First mods and stock merged to make a 24in, now they're merging with over-0degree rise BB's and long stems...

All we need now is a 24" high BB'd bike with a mid length stem and the cross-breed will be complete! Mwahahahaha!!!! :blink:

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