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Magura Hs33 '05


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aye the 2 bolt mounts seem weird, bougght on the other day an used the 2 bolt mounts on me front maggie! the booster is a real smart idea puttin it on the back so that you dont have the problem of it slipping off or having to use a washer to keep it on the only problem is its too thin to even begin to stop the flex.

the maggie themselves are much better, at first my finger kept slipping off which was gay but now i love the feel of the lever an after adjusting the lever position my finger stays put :S

for some strange reason my brake feels much more powerful an thats with just maggie oil (remebers waynihoe being mad scientist with huge seringe :blink: )

so i would deffo buy them feel so much better plus youknow the TPA wont break :(

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Quite a lot has changed with them, just about everything except the calipers. The lever is a nice new design, with a TPA that might actually work rather than snapping as soon as you turn it :S and the booster means that there are no elbows to fit on the back of the mounts, and there are only two mounting points for the brackets, all the adjustment is in the calipers now. However, the new booster plate is a bit over the top for trials. Id rather spend more time setting it up normally than use that unescessary bracket. basically, the only bit theyve IMPROVED in my eyes is the lever.

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