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how much harddive space you got left? and what ram you got?

also, how many contacts do you have? is it possible to maxx out MSN?

The most contacts you can have on MSN is 150.. But it wouldn't make that error message, it just doesn't let you add any more until you delete some contacts!

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Error messages with the beta msn are common. I had a few, get rid of the beta and wait for it to come out proporly.

first it aint msn BETA, as i said its part of the Crystal xp pack, and iv got 15.9gb left and iv got 128mb of ram

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There is probably a support forum or faq on the site you got this crystal pack thing from. I've never heard of it, and doubt most people on here have either! I will say however that a lot of the random small time msn clients are crap - buggy and crash lots. Use normal msn or trillian and it works, simple...

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