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Cassio Practise Video


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That was awsome. I really love his riding style. Very very technical. I wonna be able to ride like that. I think i prefur his style to CLS's actually, and Neils.

Sweet (N), Effortless.

I need more muscle for biking im thinking lol, also to learn how to turn the bike sideways to get further!

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wow its like hes riding on silk :)  soo damn smooth

i dont think you will need MORE muscle, because nick your a big ish lad any ways its all about techneqe, get some of that then your sorted >_< B)


Haha you bitch lol. We're even for me ripping u in a thread abit ago! Lol.

I have a fair bit of technique also......It just needs to improve a little lol

Goin natural riding so i'll do abit of practise now (Y)

Laters. (Y)

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