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Woooooooo Skiing Tmoz


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Me and sexymike are off to france for a skiing(snowbords my ass) holiday.

Leave my house at 3am tmoz morn :blink:

Hope it rains for you all ,and i hope all the people goin wales indoor trial have a great time. :)

Dave, its france :) youll get even shitter weather than we get here :)

Anyways, have a good one :sick: even if you are on damn ski's :) :sick:

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Buy some sleeping pills mate!

The worst thing is travelling up a twisty mountain road when your jet lagged, hot, uncomftable, tired and hungry!

I say eat a load of sleeping tablets and sleep through it!

Thats what I shall be doing for my 9 hour Flight to Vancouver airport anyway!

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How much is this costing you?

Whenever I've been snowboarding ( :) ), I've been on the bus all the way. Try being on a bus for more than 24 hours, and 4 hours will seem like nothing! And he's not gonna get Jet-lag going to France... :blink:

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